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Are these 5 Common Pieces of Advice Ruining Your Marriage?

Everyone seems to know the answers…

Whether you’ve been married 10 years or are recently engaged, we’ve all been given marriage advice. From your aunt pulling you aside at the reception, to your parents’ interjections during early marital issues, it seems that everyone wants to offer their opinions on marriage.

But what about misleading opinions—the kind that could actually damage your marriage? Here are five common pieces of advice to watch out for, and how they might already be hurting your relationship.

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Don’t be a Waiter, be a Writer

Today was one of those days.

I was going to write. Write like I meant it. Liberate hundreds of words from my fingers onto my laptop. I had a vision for this goal and I believed it would happen.

But somehow it just didn’t. The day came to a close, and my laptop held the same amount of words as it did yesterday.

So as a lay in bed, wallowing in self-pity for not having the time to write, I scrolled aimlessly through social media. And that’s when something magical happened…

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7 Healthy Foods to Eat While Breastfeeding

You made a human – that takes a lot of work and I hope you know just how incredible you are! While breastfeeding your baby you’re still eating for two, so it’s important to eat ample amounts of nutrient dense foods. During the postpartum period your body is rebuilding and breastfeeding takes a lot of energy. If you aren’t getting enough nutrition, your body will take the nutrients straight from your precious reserves and pull them into your milk supply…

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